Custom Shirts – Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) is a printing technology used to create custom t-shirts that stand out. Here’s an in-depth look at how the DTG printing process works:

1. Design Preparation

Your custom design is the heart of the process. Whether you choose from a collection or upload your own artwork, the design needs to be optimized for the DTG printing. This includes:

  • Resolution Check: Ensuring your design is high-resolution for crisp, clear prints.
  • Color Adjustment: Adjusting colors to match the vibrancy and accuracy on the fabric.
  • Alignment: Perfecting the placement and alignment to achieve the desired look.

2. Garment Pre-Treatment

Before we start printing, the selected garment undergoes a pre-treatment process:

  • Solution Application: A special pre-treatment solution is applied to the fabric. This step is crucial as it helps the ink adhere properly and enhances color vibrancy.
  • Drying: The pre-treated garment is dried using heat presses, setting the stage for flawless printing.

3. Precision Printing

The heart of the DTG process is the printing itself:

  • Advanced DTG Printers: State-of-the-art DTG printers are equipped with high-quality, water-based, eco-friendly inks. These printers function like an inkjet printer but are specifically designed for garments.
  • Direct Application: The ink is applied directly to the garment, allowing for highly detailed and vibrant prints. This method supports unlimited colors and intricate designs, capturing every detail perfectly.

4. Ink Curing

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Once the design is printed, the garment needs to undergo a curing process:

  • Heat Treatment: The printed garment is placed under high heat to cure the ink. This step ensures that the ink bonds effectively with the fabric, making the design durable and long-lasting.
  • Quality Assurance: After curing, each garment should be inspected to ensure the print quality is up to high standards. The result is a print that is resistant to fading, even after multiple washes.

5. Final Inspection

Before your custom t-shirt is shipped, it undergoes a thorough quality control check:

  • Detail Inspection: Examine the print for any imperfections and ensure the design is as intended.
  • Garment Check: Check the garment itself for any defects to ensure you receive a perfect product.

Experience the Difference

DTG printing allows for limitless creativity and unparalleled quality. Start creating your custom t-shirt today and see the difference DTG printing makes!

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