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Sassy Charm Boutique TeamI  wanted to take a moment and introduce you the person who is the main contributor and is working behind the scenes. It is my husband Fedil. He plays many roles here at Sassy. Not only did he develop the website he optimizes it daily to provide the best experience for our customers. He did a wonderful job on pictures and he is also my biggest supporter. He even stayed up all night to help complete a custom rush order to get it out of the door. Every time I have an idea in my mind he evaluates it and gives me wings to fly. Ultimately he is my best friend. 

We meet 10 years ago via an online dating app. I didn’t have a very good experience with it and he was the last guy that I was going to give a chance. He sent me a sweet message. We meet after a couple weeks of messaging back and forth. We became pretty inseparable shorty after. After 4 years we got married, and now we are raising two little girls who complete us. They also make life challenging and fun! We are both home bodies, love animals, and outdoor sports. 

I feel extremely lucky that he picked me to do life with him. I’m far from perfect and definitely lack with showing him the appreciation that he deserves, but he showers me with grace and love daily. 

I  pray that my girls will find their parters just like him. They know that they deserve the best and not to settle. They will need someone who loves God, honors them, and make them strive to do better.

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